จอแสดงน้ำหนักแบบทัชสกรีน ควบคุมระบบแพล้นคอนกรีต
Touch Ration Batching Controller [4-Scale]
High-frequency Sampling
Anti-vibration Filter
Weighing  Precise Feeding Control

  • Ration Batching Scale with 4-material.
  • Loss-in-weight Batching Scale with 4-material.

Increment Feeding Mode
Loss-in-weight Feeding Mode


Weighing Controller AT-11C[M10FB]
จอแสดงน้ำหนักแบบควบคุมแพล้นท์คอนกรีต ชั่งส่วนผสม
ระบบทัชสกรีน แสดงผลการทำงานได้ต่อเนื่อง

For: Ration Batching Scale with 4-material&2-speed Feeding
[Single-scale Mode & Four-scale Mode]
จอแสดงผลแบบทัชสกรีน แสดงค่าจุดชั่งได้2-4จุด
สำหรับชั่งควบคุมระบบแพล้นท์ปูน ระบบผสมคอนกรีต
Open Switch Inputs [DI]
Open Transistor Outputs [DO]
2 Analog Signal Outputs [AO]
COM&COM1: RS232; COM2: RS485
USB1: Connect mouse, software download, data backup
LAN: Optional Ethernet
—-เรารับออกแบบระบบ และติดตั้งระบบชั่งส่วนผสม—-

Main Applications

  • Ration Batching Scale with 4-material.
  • Loss-in-weight Batching Scale with 4-material.

Main Features

  • EMC design with high anti-jam for industrial environment.
  • DC24V power input with reverse polarity protection.
  • Cortex-A8 CPU with 600MHz Clock, 128M Flash.
  • 7” [800×480] or 10.2” [1024×600] TFT touch panel.
  • 24-bit ∑-△ADC with internal resolution 1/1,000,000.
  • High sampling frequency 800Hz.
  • Special Anti-vibration Digital Filtering Algorithm for precise weighing, stable display and rapid response.
  • Auto Zero Tracking.
  • Load Calibration and Loss Calibration.
  • Fall Value Auto Correction.
  • Auto Re-feed for negative deviation alarm.
  • Target Batch Count Control.
  • Auto Pause for Gross Weight Upper Limit & Deviation Alarm.
  • ‘Manual Pause’ Operation.
  • 2-speed[high/low] feeding control by DOs or AOs.
  • Definable DI/DO/AO/COM[Communication Port].
  • Recipe Number: 100.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply: DC24V±20%, Max. 10W.
  • Loadcell Excitation Voltage/Current: DC5V/250mA.
  • 16 Loadcells[350Ω] connectable.
  • Weighing Signal Input Range: 0~12.5mV.
  • 7 Normally Open Switch Inputs [DI].
  • 18 Normally Open Transistor Outputs [DO]: DC24V, 500mA.
  • 4 Analog Signal Outputs [AO]: 0~10V, Max.50mA.
  • COM&COM1: RS232; COM2: RS485.
  • USB1: Connect mouse, software download, data backup.
  • LAN: Optional Ethernet.
  • Outline Size [W×H×D]
  • 7”: 226.5 × 163 × 36 mm.
  • 2”: 274 × 193 × 40 mm.
  • Panel Cut-out Size [W×H]
  • 7”: 215 × 152 mm.
  • 2”: 261 × 180 mm.
  • Operating Temperature: -25℃~+45℃.
  • Protection Level of Front Panel: IP65.
  • Accuracy Grade: III.
  • Verification Accuracy: 0.02%.
  • Static Weighing Accuracy: 0.2%~0.5%.
  • Batching Accuracy: 0.2%~0.5%.

Report Print
 The Batch Records can be printed automatically.
 Historical Batch Records, Totalizing Reports and Recipes can be queried and printed.


Operation Interface of User Login
Name Operation Note
User Login. Exfactory Passwords:  Operator: None.  Engineer: 0.  Administrator: 1.
Operation ‘Main Menu / F5 User / Password / PSW Set’ for Modifying Password.
【User Name】
After password inputted, the matching User Name will be displayed.
 Operator: User with lowest authorization.  Engineer: User with higher authorization.  Administrator: User with highest authorization.
【Operate】 Enter ‘Main Operation Interface’.
Operation ‘Main Menu / F5 User / Password / Login [Logoff]’ for Re-login and Logoff.

Button Operation
Name Operation State Indicator Authorization
【Auto】 Auto / Manual [Emergency Stop] switch.
Green: Auto state. Grey: Manual state.
All Users
【Start】 Start.
Green: Running state. Grey: Stop state. 【Re-run】 Clear Alarm & Recover Running.
Last Batch [Normal Stop]. Stop after the present batch finished.
Flashing Red.
【Pause】 Pause. 【E-stop】 Emergency Stop.
Alarm Query / Clear Alarm. ‘Auto/Pause’ state: Recover Running after clearing alarm.
Red: Alarm state.
Material Selection for Auto-Batching. Mixer in Weighing Hopper Running Selection While High-speed Feeding [Only for Single-scale Mode].
Green/Blue: Selected. Grey: Unselected.
Report Print:  [ Auto Print]: Print Batch Records.  [Total]: Print Totalizing Report.  [Recipe]: Print Working Recipe.

Screen-locking: Locking/unlocking the operating buttons of main display interface. Auto Screen-locking: Refer to parameter [901].
Flashing Red: Locked. Grey: Unlocked.
【Menu】 Enter Main Menu. 【User】 User Login. Display: Operator / Engineer / Admin.
Zero Fine Adjustment [No Power-down Protection].
Flashing green.
【High】 Manual Start/Stop Mn High-speed Feeding.
Green: Working state.
【Low】 Manual Start/Stop Mn Low-speed Feeding. 【Dump】 Manual Start/Stop Dumping. 【MixbinDump】 Manual Start/Stop Mixing Bin’s Dumping. 【Mn】 Material Selection for Manual Operation.
Clear Screen: Clear the display values of Feeding Weight, Totalized Weight and Batch Count’.





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