LOADER SCALE ชุดระบบชั่งรถตัก

Wheel Loader Weigher is a dynamic weighing and auto-totalizing equipment installed on wheel loader.
High-frequency sampling
Anti-vibration filter
Acceleration compensation
High-accuracy weighing Grade: III


Wheel Loader Weigher : N59[B]
ชุดอ่านค่าน้ำหนักหิน อ่านน้ำหนักทรายที่รถตัก
สามารถอ่านน้ำหนักที่รถตักขึ้นมาได้เลย สะดวกในการทำงาน
และช่วยเพิ่มประสิทธิภาพการทำงานให้สูงขึ้น เพิ่มกำลังผลิตให้มากขึ้น

Operating Principle
Wheel Loader Weigher is a dynamic weighing and auto-totalizing equipment installed on wheel loader.

When the lift-arm of wheel loader lifted to a certain height, the position sensor will trigger the weighing process, and the weighing indicator will collect the oil pressure signal from lower and upper oil chambers of arm-lifting oil cylinder. After signal processing and compensating, Single-bucket-loading -weight will be got and totalized to Totalized Loading Weight automatically. The operator can judge if the present Single-bucket-loading-weight is valid according to the alarm messages, and confirm the last bucket’s loading weight according to the negative deviation value.

Main Features

  • EMC design with high anti-jam for industrial environment.
  • DC24V power input with reverse polarity protection.
  • 32-bit ARM CPU with 72MHz & higher arithmetic speed.
  • Dust-proof stainless steel shell with protection level IP65.
  • 640×480 TFT display screen with English display and input.
  • 24-bit ∑-△ADC with internal resolution 1/1,000,000.
  • High sampling frequency 400Hz.
  • Special Anti-vibration Digital Filtering Algorithm for precise weighing, stable display and rapid response.
  • Special Acceleration Compensation Algorithm.
  • 10000 Loading Records can be saved.
  • Each record can contain 50 Single-bucket-loading-weight

System Accuracy

  • Accuracy Grade: III.
  • Verification Accuracy of Weighing Indicator: 0.02%.
  • Accuracy of Single-Bucket-Weight: 0.5%~1.0%.
  • Accuracy of Totalized Loading Weight: 1.0%.

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