KUSUMO เครื่องชั่งแบบตั้งพื้น รุ่น XK850

  • LED 7-Secment display electronic weighing indicator with printing function
  • 10 key number input and 6 function key simpliified operation
  • Application Electronic platform scale weighing scale reccord ,printing ,control weighing


KUSUMO เครื่องชั่งแบบตั้งพื้น XK-850

Features : XK850

  • Tare function ,Tare-Pretare
  • Programe mable zero tracking
  • Accommulation
  • Counting function
  • Hold Type Animal weight ,Hold peak(option)
  • Check weight with Lo-Ok-Hi ,with beep.
  • External to reccord with weighing programe
  • External label printing Fundamental gross ,tare ,net (option) company name ,product name, barcode ,etc.
  • 1 Output RS-232 serial interface[2mode]
  • 1 Output Hi-LO-OK, 5Vdc.
  • Supply adapter 5Vdc ,expedient can use power bank
  • Operating tem perature 0°C to 40°C